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The Art of Creating Ages...

Age linking books were once used as an art with the D'ni.Sometimes they would have contests on who had the most wonderful,most beautiful age of them all.And every single D'ni person would have a linking book of their own.It went on like that for years with the D'ni.....until that fateful day...........Some of the D'ni survived the great disaster.......the great disaster.......and they still use I do.Welcome to my Age Page.......

GuildBoy78's Magnetic Age

7-11-98 I linked to this age very slightly.I looked down to find myself standing on a platform.I heard voices on my right side.I looked and found a building with a few people standing up there shouting in a very crucial language I can't understand.I looked around.The sky was blue and there were few clouds in the air.There was another building to the left of me where I found strange machines moving on long,metal bars.There were gigantic fans on the back of them propeling them forward.I heard more voices to my right again.I looked to see people runing toward me.One stopped to greet me."Dowruc."What did he say?"Hooshey'tow ron dehse hul?""Do you know English or D'ni?"I said."Yes."Finally he speaks my language.I knew I wrote that in the book."Where did you come from?"he said."Far away..."I said lightly."Come."He went left toward the big station.I followed. I just couldn't get over the beuty of this place.I couldn't really look at it right now since I was in a MagLev station as the people call it here.I was waiting for the next MagLev to come.The man that talked to me was by my side.His name is Korkay'truk.He lives in a city just to the north of this island.As a MagLev came to a stop,I stepped in with Korkay'truk and sat down in a chair.Many people got in and many were staring at me."Don't mind them.They have never seen anyone who has worn those cloths before."said Korkay."I can see." I said.The door closed and the tram sorta jolted forward.All of a sudden it was moving very fast.It went down a long corrider then it started jumping.I started to feel sick.It was going up and and over just like a fast roller coster.I moaned.Then it started to slow down.Thankgod! MORE TO COME ABOUT MY AGE!


My age contest is finally HERE!The rules:enter an age that you made up and I will personally look at it and see if your a winner!There are 5 winners in all.You will e-mail your age to me and I will review it.You may also send me a link if your age is on a website.BUT, it has to be YOUR age!Not someone elses.Now,enough chitchat,here are the prizes: Grandprize(1st place):You get a free tripod membership;walkthroughs,hints,or solutions to Myst and Riven, a chance to send a letter to Rand Miller,and the MYSTery prize! 2nd prize(2nd place):Get a free tripod membership and hints,solutions,and walkthroughs for Myst and Riven! 3rd prize(3rd place):Get a free tripod membership and hints and solutions for Myst and Riven! 4th prize(4th place):Get a free tripod membership and hints for Myst and Riven! 5th prize(5th place):Free tripod membership! Remember,it has to be YOUR AGE.If it's anyone elses,I will disqualify you.My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.Shorah and good luck!

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