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The CYAN Unofficial News Scource

Welcome to one of the LATEST CYAN news on the web!Just scroll down below to find out what's going on with the creators of MYST and RIVEN... -GuildBoy78


July 17,1998-

Gordon F. Currie and Doug McBride have just realeased their CYAN photos of when they were invited there!It seems that they had a great time.Click the link for it at the bottom of this page!

In other news,it looks like MANY people have already found out the clickspots for SPYDER's Egg Hunt.It is said that there are three eggs as to what people are telling me.No word on a fourth egg just yet.Maybe there's FIVE of them...

July 19,1998-

PC GAMER STRIKES AGAIN:PC GAMER just wont stop slamming Riven.I just surfed on over to their site today and looked into the review of Riven.It got a 40% on the rating scale and they were giving it pretty bad remarks.They say it has hard puzzles and etc.Surf on over to PC GAMER to take a look.

Myst 3 or D'ni?:There has been word of a 3rd Myst game coming out although it wont have anything to do with the MYST/Riven universe.Rand Miller says he wants to take a closer look into the world of the D'ni for CYAN's next game.But how is he going to be able to do that?With a little CYAN magic perhaps.Will this game have anything to do with Aitrus,Gehn,Atrus,or maybe'll keep you updated with the news on the next game from CYAN.

July 21,1998-

The M.A.R.A.-Can it be possible? : I have just thought about updating my site into a little something more.Something great.Something BIG.The M.A.R.A.-Myst And Riven Addiction will soon be possible as my new site replacing this one.The new updates?Look here:

1)M.A.R.A. Web Hosting: Need I say more?

2)Beter Contests:I will eventually TRY to negotiate something with CYAN so I could put REAL prizes and contests on my page.I will keep you updated with more info about this.

3)Dowloads:Plenty of downloads that have anything to do with MYST or Riven.

4)NEWS...I don't need to say anything else.

5)Links:An ENTIRE page full of links.

6)"Are you a TRUE FAN?" Page:A page I will make so I can determin if your one of the number 1 fans of MYST/Riven or THE NUMBER ONE FAN!!

7)The M.A.R.A. Gallery:A gallery with enough MYST/Riven pics to blow your mind.

8)The GuildBoy's Journals:A page where there will be journals of countlas millions who've been to my page...or you can call it a very nice guestbook.

9)???????????:Let's see what else I can put in my new site...

More to come about my new site.I'll keep you updated. -GuildBoy78

Find the links you want HERE!

Find Gordon and Dougs' CYAN photos here.
PC GAMER:Find the review for Riven and look how they slammed it...


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